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Newmarket Chiropractor on Cold Laser Treatments

If you suffer from chronic back pain, arthritis, joint pain, sports and soft tissue injuries that won’t heal or even swelling and wounds, our Newmarket chiropractic clinic can help you get healed permanently using cold laser treatments. These are treatments that use low intensity laser beams on affected areas. The beams work by stimulating damaged cells in both tissue and joints; the stimulation is what is responsible for the healing. The lasers are calibrated to a predetermined low wavelength and then aimed for the area that needs healing.

When cells are stimulated by the beams, several things happen. The first is that there is increased production of serotonin. The stimulation also causes stimulation of the neuro-endocrine system. Both of these actions are necessary to promote healing because they cause tissue and damaged cell to repair. They also progressively reduce pain. In addition to all that, the photon energy which is released by the lasers promotes the growth of collagen and muscle. The energy also improves blood circulation which means that cells are better oxygenated for faster healing.

The name cold laser treatments does not mean that the treatment involves the use of low temperatures; rather, it is because of the low level of laser beams that are used. This method of treatment also goes by the names laser acupuncture, low level laser therapy, bio-stimulation, soft laser and low intenity laser therapy.

As Newmarket chiropractors, we have seen firsthand the benefits of using this method of treatment for many conditions that would otherwise require years of medication. We have used it successfully on patients who suffered many different conditions that led to pain and inflammation. Everyone we have treated has been healed and pain and inflammation haven’t recurred.

Benefits of cold laser treatments

There are several benefits of choosing this method of pain and inflammation control:

The first is that it is non-invasive. In fact, it falls in the same category as acupuncture and acupressure. You will not have to undergo any surgery and yet you will get the same benefits that you would if you did.

It is safer than many other procedures that are used for pain and inflammation management.

It is one of the most non-toxic ways of treating pain. You will not have to take a single pill to aid your treatments. Other methods of pain treatment will of course usually involve the use of medication for extended periods. In some cases, this can even lead to pain medication addiction.

If you compare the use of cold laser treatments from our Newmarket chiropractor to what you would have to pay for surgery, there is a huge difference; we are really very affordable.

Surgery may not guarantee complete healing but cold laser treatment does. Once your treatments are complete, you will not have any pain in the future.

Pain can literally take over a person’s life; if you are a sufferer, don’t allow it to do that. Book an appointment with our Newmarket chiropractor at 905 478 2225 and let us help you get your life back.

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