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Typical X-ray of frozen shoulder
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Frozen shoulder is a painful condition. You literally cannot move your shoulder to do the most basic things without feeling excruciating pain. Your shoulder is locked in place and all movement hurts. Our Newmarket chiropractor sees a good number of people who suffer from this condition.

Frozen shoulder seems to have no known cause. For some reason, it happens more in people aged 40 and 60. It doesn’t present predominantly in any gender. Although in most people it just happens, there are cases where it can happen because of shoulder trauma, like in a car accident, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, cervical disc disease and after open heart surgery. It is also common in people who are immobile for a long time, like accident victims who are confined as they heal from injuries.

Frozen shoulder occurs when the ligaments that join the shoulder to the torso become inflamed. The infection is usually as a result of an inflammation in the capsule that houses them. It is a condition that can disable someone for a long time. Some people suffer for more than 2 years. Treatment can be slow so patients need to make sure that they keep to the adjustment schedule that our Newmarket chiropractor gives them on their first visit.

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Treating frozen shoulder basically requires restoring shoulder movement, and that is why chiropractic is able to heal it so successfully. Chiropractic generally means to restore body movement naturally without use of medication or invasive procedures. Restoration is basically done by aligning the spine, which is responsible for all our movement.

2013-02-27_1312It is important to understand that the best way to treat frozen shoulder is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Do your exercises, maintain your ideal weight, make sure that your immune system is in good condition and maintain a healthy diet so that you can avoid lifelong conditions like diabetes and heart disease which seem to encourage frozen shoulder.

It also helps if you deal with it as soon as you notice it, before it becomes too painful. Many people who visit our chiropractor in Newmarket admit that they thought it was nothing, that it would go away. When you start to notice pain in your shoulder that is related to movement, stretch it around to improve circulation and then make an appointment to see our Newmarket chiropractor.

 How is it treated


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

With this in mind, our chiropractor in Newmarket uses several methods to help people suffering from frozen shoulder. The most commonly used is TENS, which involves driving a small electrical current through to the joint. The current stimulates blood circulation and helps ease pain. Evidence also shows that it helps the brain to release endorphins, hormones that help in to block pain responses to the brain.

The electrical pulses are delivered using small electrodes, like those that are used to monitor heart rate. The current is quite small and there is no danger that it can hurt you in any way.

Once the pain is reasonably controlled, the chiropractor now uses movement to restore the shoulder. Movement helps to remove stiffness, increase circulation, reduce irritation on nerves and all these lead to complete healing. The chiropractor can also use heat and ice to control pain. You are also advised on how to manage the pain using heat and ice when you are at home.

It is not uncommon to find chiropractors using acupuncture to treat extreme cases. Our Newmarket chiropractor sees a few cases that need this treatment. Acupuncture is another excellent, non-invasive way of healing the body.

Watch this video explanation on frozen shoulder

Some people who suffer this condition will opt to see an orthopedic expert. While they are able to treat the condition using electromagnetic pulses, heat and cold, they will more often than not recommend drugs to take care of the pain. If a patient is in a lot of pain, they are put under general anesthesia so that the frozen shoulder can be unlocked. A chiropractor’s treatment is just as effective and you are not required to take any anesthetic or drugs. If you are looking for alternatives to conventional medicine, then a chiropractor is the one to do it for you.

As you will learn from our Newmarket chiropractor, you should use chiropractic services regularly if you want to reduce your chances of getting frozen shoulder and a host of other conditions that are characterized by problems in the musculoskeletal system. Regular adjustments will help you avoid back pain, neck pain, headaches, stress and other common everyday problems.

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