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 Dr. Peter Lemasurier is a fellow of the College of Canadian Chiropractic Physical & Occupational Rehabilitation

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  • Are you interested in finding how this chiropractor uses advanced laser therapy to quickly ease your pain?
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Whatever your situation, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with the best chiropractic and rehabilitation services in the central York region area. We have proudly served many patients from Newmarket, Aurora, Stouffville, Keswick, Uxbridge, East Gwillimbury, Queensville, Bradford, Mount Albert, Schomberg & Georgina and other neighbours for over 25 years. Our aim is to be friendly & approachable, educational, and most of all effective in addressing and improving your health issues.

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About Your Health and Our Clinic

To clarify our name, Country Chiropractic and Wellness Centre and Newmarket Laser Centre are one in the same business at the same location. And while this informational website emphasizes laser therapy, please know that restoring your health is our principal endeavour.

Simply, we put our patients first! We listen to you and help you find the treatment youentrance need. Our scope includes, but is not limited to, the following activities to regenerate your health:

  • Pioneers in Pain and Rehabilitation
  • Pain management for over 25 years
  • Effective & accelerated pain relief
  • Newmarket’s & Aurora’s top back pain specialist
  • Sports injury therapy, sprains, physiotherapy
  • Neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain & leg pain relief
  • Foot care and custom orthotics, ankle pain and elbow pain
  • Accelerated wound healing
  • We are here to serve you and answer your questions
  • And much, much more!

A Brief History of Chiropractic

palmerMost people are not aware that the inception of chiropractic medicine originated right here in Ontario, in fact, very close to us in the lovely country town of Port Perry. Daniel David Palmer was born in Pickering, Ontario but was raised and had his primary education in Port Perry, Ontario His statue is located right on the shore of Lake Scugog in D.D. Palmer Memorial Park. By 1887 the Palmer family moved to Davenport Iowa. It was in Davenport where chiropractic came into being on September 18, 1895.  Palmer used his hands and readjusted the spine of a deaf patient, Harvey Lillard.  After the spinal adjustment, Harvey Lillard regained his hearing.

During the early years of the profession, criticism of his methods were abundant from the medical community and the press but his pioneering work was continued by his son, Bartlett Joshua. His enthusiasm about chiropractic continued his father’s work. Bartlett  is credited with developing chiropractic into a clearly alternate, safe and effective health care system.

What Is The Chiropractic Method?

Most people seeking back pain relief choose professional treatment. Over 120,000 people in Canada visit chiropractors daily. The majority are seeking back pain relief and are specifically looking for both upper and lower back pain treatment. Other reasons for seeking pain relief are due to accidents, sports injuries, and muscle strains.  Neck, arm, and leg pain are also significant motivators for visits along with headaches, wound healing, ankle pain, foot care and general physio therapy, but back pain is probably the single most significant factor for seeking the services of a registered chiropractor.

2012-11-23_0206Chiropractors use their hands to manipulate the spine and include other methods such as laser therapy to heal and ease pain. Spinal manipulation ensures proper alignment which enables the nerves in the spinal column to function naturally without being impinged. With restored nerve functionality, signals carried out between the brain and the associated body parts and organs is re-established and the body’s natural ability to heal is restored without medication or surgery . Manipulation also restores mobility to joints which may be restricted by tissue injury.  An event, like falling, or repetitive stress, or sitting without back support can be responsible for such injuries. Organ functionality, muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissue, such as tendons, cartilage and ligaments can all benefit from an adjustment.

Your first visit typically requests a medical history and a physical examination. He may use lab x-rays or body scans to determine if treatment is appropriate for your back pain. The treatments typically involve one or more manual adjustments where the joints are manipulated, using a controlled but sudden force which improves the quality and range of motion. Dr. Lemasurier may  also suggest nutritional counseling and exercise or rehabilitation into the treatment plan. The goals include the restoration of bodily function in addition to back pain relief.

Is The Treatment Safe and Effective?

2012-11-24_1923_rounded_cornersThe adjustments are generally considered a safe and effective treatment for chronic low back pain. Neck pain and headaches have also benefited significantly according to research. In addition, deep tissue massage using moderate pressure has also proven to be effective for osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

Patients with osteoporosis, spinal cord compression, or inflammatory arthritis, or those on blood thinners should obtain advice from their medical doctor before considering spinal manipulation, as should those with a history of cancer.

Treatments are based on an accurate diagnosis of your back pain symptoms. Your chiropractor should be kept informed regarding your medical history. This should include ongoing medical conditions, medications, traumatic/surgical history, and lifestyle factors. In some very rare, there have been cases in which treatment worsened an existing condition, but very certainly the procedure is considered safe. Herniated or slipped disc, or neck manipulation resulted in stroke or spinal cord injury. To be safe, it is wise to inform your primary health care provider that you are considering chiropractic procedures and services.

How Laser Therapy Cures & Heals Pain

pic4Dr. Lemasurier is a pioneer in the use of laser therapy to relieve pain and cure and heal the body. Most people are unaware of the power of lasers to remediate many ailments. Laser treatment is used extensively for sports injury pain, wound healing, neck pain, sprains, and shoulder pain. Newmarket & area chiropractic patients at have also been treated by this chiropractor for sprains, leg pain, elbow pain and ankle pain. If you are perplexed as to how laser therapy can not only heal pain, but in many cases cure the source of the pain don’t be because you are not alone. Most patients simply don’t understand the scientific principles behind the power of laser light. You can get a good scientific understanding of how this power heals by clicking here. Dr. Lemasurier has many patients who have benefited from laser therapy but one of the most remarkable stories can be found by clicking here. Without describing too much detail about this patient, he was considered terminal over a year ago by his cardiologist  but he is doing very well at the time of this article and it’s all thanks to Dr. Lemasurier’s recommendation and procedures.  To get a basic understanding of how laser therapy both reduces and eases pain, you need to understand that that our entire universe is comprised of energy. Every cell in your body is a miraculous unit of pure energy. 2012-11-28_1426The cells are made up of atoms and atoms are made up of sub-atomic particles and these particles are comprised of energy such as electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, bosons and others too numerous to mention. Scientists often refer to these particles as the particle zoo. These particles exist in every atom in the universe, and they are pure energy. Light from a laser delivers these particles of energy in the form of photons and it is concentrated light. So when this energy is delivered to an area of the body, which is also made up of these same energy particles, it releases that energy to the diseased or injured area. This is what causes the healing. Again, if you want more scientific details on wound healing or how laser treatment provides pain relief, go to how laser therapy works.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Dr. Lemasurier is a skilled, hands-on health care professional. He is a Newmarket chiropractor who provides treatment that relieves pain and helps your body perform optimally. Here is a list of the benefits that you can expect from natural chiropractic healing.

  • Ease of movement in the torso, back, neck and shoulders2012-12-10_2206sm
  • improved posture
  • Ease of pain from your back, your neck and headaches
  • Reduced pain and improvements from work-related tasks
  • An increase in athletic abilities
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Relief from back ache due to pregnancy
  • Improvement of stability, ankle and foot conditions


 Recap and Summary of This Website

2012-07-19_2059Our website is primarily a site to educate local inquiries about Newmarket chiropractor Dr. Lemasurier and how he employs laser therapy to relieve pain. Dr. Lemasurier believes that a thorough understanding of laser therapy both from a scientific and practical viewpoint can enable individuals experiencing pain to fully understand why laser therapy works so well. It is such a little understood method that more knowledge needs to be shared about this little known and even less understood technique. Previously on this webpage there is a reference to a heart attack patient who was near the end of his life, according to heart specialists. And while most people who hear about this story are skeptical, there have been scientific studies quietly going on that prove this very fact to be true. Professor Uri Oron at Tel Aviv University has been studying the effects of laser treatment on stem cells, and how heart scarring can be reduced by up to 80% by the process. Prof. Oron’s procedure was recently reported in the journal Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, and it is now ready for clinical trial. You can read Dr. Oron’s study at So, in summary, all indications would seem to prove the value of laser treatment to be an effective method of treating disease, pain relief and wound healing. If laser therapy worked for a heart attack patient, imagine what it might do for you!

And Don’t Forget

Chiropractor in Newmarket Ontario

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Dr. Lemasurier and staff at our Chiropractic and Laser Centre Clinic sincerely want this clinic to be your resource for pain management, pain relief and functional restoration. In our ongoing endeavour to maintain this clinic at the level of quality our patients expect and enjoy, we most certainly appreciate your feedback. This a responsibility we want to share with our patients. We ask all patients to leave a personal message on our comments page that only Dr. Lemasurier will read, and/or submit a review on our review page and share your experience with your neighbours in our community. Thanks to all of you for your efforts and participation.    Be Well….!


My name is Dr. Peter Lemasurier, but patients call me Peter. I have been a Newmarket chiropractor virtually all of my career. Here is my homepage: I reside in Sharon just east of Newmarket, ON and practice chiropractic at Newmarket Laser Centre & Country Chiropractic.
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