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Newmarket Chiropractor on Spinal Decompression

newmarket spinal decompression,newmarket laser treatmentsAs your chiropractor in Newmarket, we are proud to tell you that we now have non-surgical spinal decompression for treating all kinds of back problems. This revolutionary technology uses equipment that is FDA approved and so far, the patients we have used it on are very satisfied; they report that their backs don’t hurt any more. To understand how the procedure works, it is important to understand why back problems occur in the first place.


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Back pain is an almost universal problem. It is the rare human being over the age of 30 who can say that they have never had pain in the back. Back problems can be caused by anything from accidents to lifting heavy things to ageing. The spine is made of discs that are aligned in a certain way. Between these discs is a layer of cartilage. It acts as a kind of shock absorber for any movements that involve the use of your back. Most back problems will occur because the cartilage is degenerating. It can wear away because it was strained, like when you bend to pick up something heavy, the discs were over-compressed like in an accident. Also, as we get older, it slowly erodes which means that your spine has lost its ability to absorb shock. The discs in turn bulge and press against surrounding nerves and this is what causes back pain.


The Procedure

Spinal decompression involves the use of a decompression table. You lie on it and then are strapped down and the table is moved in a set of predetermined movements through a computer program. These movements apply what is called a distraction force which is targeted at the area of the compressed disc. The movements are repeated between periods of relaxation.  These movements pull the discs apart and leave little vacuums between the compressed discs. The vacuums pull the discs back into shape. We do this several times and over time, the discs go back to their natural shape and all pain is gone.

As your chiropractors in Newmarket, we aim to heal you as quickly as possible. Though some people will need more than just a few sessions to start feeling better, there are many who report improvement in the second week of treatment. Treatment sessions last between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the nature of their back problem. We give treatments thrice a week until the symptoms subside and function returns to normal. This may vary depending on the patient’s severity. By this time, the spinal condition is ameliorated. It is important to not that we do not do this procedure for pregnant women. Back aches are a common problem during pregnancy but other methods of pain relief can be sought. If the problems continue after birth however, we are able to effectively get rid of it. We also don’t work with people with rods or screws or who suffer from osteoporosis and certain kinds of cancer.


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